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Here you find specialist support when trying to conceive

Woman and man become mother and father. Most couples fulfil this lifelong dream through love alone. Other couples seek out advice and support on their journey towards pregnancy.

We support you in getting pregnant

Women want to ascertain whether their respective life situation, both in terms of physical and social conditions, matches their desire to become pregnant. There is a lot to consider at this stage; from immunity to vaccination against rubella and diseases that have already been endured such as toxoplasmosis. Also the situation regarding vitamin supply (vitamin D in particular) and folic acid should be explained. We provide in-depth consultation.

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The reception area – this is where we welcome you

Becoming pregnant – for many couples, this occurs naturally and seems almost a given, yet medically-speaking this is a complex process: a miracle that can only happen if all the key factors are right with the woman and man concerned.

So great is the desire to have one’s own child, that sometimes this does not happen immediately for all couples. An unfulfilled desire to have children can take its toll. And here is the good news: Nowadays, in many cases, effective support can be given to couples on their journey towards conception. What ostensibly appears as a case of infertility without any apparent physical cause, may also be linked to other factors, such as the expectation and relationship level. In our gynaecological private practice, we take an experienced look at the entire context, guiding you along right up until your own little miracle enters the world: with specialist knowledge, empathy and care.

Unfulfilled desire to have children: Body and soul play their part

Once a couple expresses a desire to conceive, everything should happen as quickly as possible from their perspective. Getting pregnant often becomes an urgent desire for many couples. The longer it takes to become pregnant, the more likely this is to develop into a stressful situation. What many people do not know: There is no standard value when it comes to a couple’s fertility. It can be influenced by many different factors – both positively and negatively. An unhealthy lifestyle, undetected diseases, psychological or physical stress can have adverse effects at any age and make it more difficult to become pregnant. If the desired pregnancy does not happen within six to twelve months, then questions will inevitably be raised. What are we doing wrong? Why is it not working for us? What has to happen so that “we” finally become pregnant?

Why are we still not able to become pregnant?

We change this central question to make a key point and instead of “why not?” we ask: “What can you change to improve your prospects of fulfilling your desire to conceive?” We start by having an in-depth consultation in which all aspects to do with the topic of becoming a parent are discussed. Of course, both partners are welcome to attend this consultation. We use modern diagnostics to narrow down the possible causes of the unfulfilled desire to conceive. The transvaginal ultrasound sheds light on wombs, ovaries and fallopian tubes and their functions (folliculometry). The distribution of hormone levels measured in the blood shows the central and peripheral hormone production. A microbiological analysis of the vaginal flora is also part of the diagnosis.

If the results of these examinations are normal, we can begin to look for other organic causes using a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy. It is particularly important that your partner also be examined. Our experience tells us that the causes of the unfulfilled desire to conceive can be identified with diagnostic precision in approximately 90 percent of the cases. We discuss the recommended diagnostic and therapeutic steps together with you.

Unfulfilled desire to conceive: possible causes for women

  • Oogenesis disorder
  • Luteal phase disorder
  • Hormonal imbalance (thyroid, PCO-S, adrenal gland)
  • Adhesion of fallopian tubes
  • Thickened cervical mucus
  • Endometriosis (proliferative endometrium)
  • Untreated sexually transmitted diseases (chlamydia)
  • Weight problems
  • Stress, Burnout
  • Idiopathic causes (unexplained reasons in about 10 percent of the affected couples)

das baby ist da glückwunsch sprüche

We receive personal letters like these after the birth of a child

On your way to parenthood: What options do gynaecologists have available to help women who wish to conceive?

Not much support is usually required in order to become pregnant. There are plenty of natural approaches that help you to conceive. In other cases, attempts to conceive only become reality after intensive conception support. The following options are available:

  • Fertility and hormone replacement treatment (hormonal stimulation)
  • Artificial insemination
  • In vitro fertilisation (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

Finally pregnant? The more relaxed, the more chance …

In many cases, the as of yet unfulfilled desire to have children is often accompanied byexcessive pressure on expectations. Simply ask yourself the question – under which circumstances would a baby prefer to enter this world: when expectations are high or as a surprise to the parents-to-be?

With this in mind, we guide women and couples on their journey to the most beautiful surprise of their lives. As each patient is different, we always tailor therapy plans to meet individual needs using conventional medicine and also naturopathic approaches on request. We are by your side each step of the way on this proverbial roller coaster of emotions that an unfulfilled desire to conceive and the resulting treatment are often compared with. A crucial factor is that you try to remain calm.

Who comes to us with a desire to conceive?

We specifically target private patients and self-pay patients who place importance on modern diagnostics and holistic treatments. Your private health insurance assumes the cost of our treatment. In our gynaecological practice in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen, we give you ample time and lend an empathetic ear. We are there for you even during the months of pregnancy. Get in touch with us here.