Specialist screening, support and medicine – always linked to naturalness and nature

As an experienced gynaecologist, my primary focus is on the nature of human beings. Development from girl to woman, conception to child birth – most of the time everything happens in its own natural, healthy way. Our gynaecological guidance as part of your personal prenatal care gives you security.

schwangerschaft problemlos The pregnancy has gone well. A follow-up discussion in the practice.

As gynaecologists, we also provide life counselling

Vital for a successful outcome – whether that means fulfilled desire to have children or successful curative treatment – is the bond of trust between patient and gynaecologist or doctor. We explain the medical possibilities to our patients but also emphasise the limits of what is possible. What can be done in theory does not always translate into reality. We therefore also give advice on the use of medication and natural remedies, all the while in harmony with nature.

We see ourselves as doctors and consultants because the two go hand in hand. Relationship aspects are linked to every wish to have children and family matters cannot be separated from career planning. By always considering and addressing the context for all concerns that are raised specifically and implicitly, we give our patients as well as their partners and families holistic perspectives and methodologies – appreciative and realistic.

We are there for you: with experience and assurance

Naturally, it is an exciting time when you are expecting your first child. Naturally, couples can get impatient if the pregnancy is a long time coming. Naturally, there may be some initial worries if discomfort is felt or an unknown symptom occurs. Everything natural, just as we like to treat you in our practice. Open and calm, in an environment that radiates security, we look after your personal situation.

Egg freezing for your career and your life?

Women, who have a career in business in a city such as Frankfurt am Main, often express a wish for new, modern methods of family planning – “oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing)” for example. As gynaecologists, we not only focus on what is medically possible. We give women in-depth consultation: tailored to their particular needs. We welcome you to our practice to discuss any topic to do with women’s health. Of course, every woman wants to be sure that they are doing their best for their health. We advise and treat you with this objective in mind.