Frauenarzt Sachsenhausen

The private gynaecological practice in the integrated medical practice, located in Schweizer Straße 5

The group practice in the integrated medical practice in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen offers our patients many benefits: acupuncture treatment when trying for a child, linking gynaecological check-up to internal anamnesis, health check for pregnancy detection – everything is possible in Schweizer Straße 5.

The integrated medical practice in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen – a whole host of medical services all under the one roof

  • Short distances if general or specialist medical services, other than gynaecological services, are required
  • From gynaecological check-ups to ECG: in the check-up room – one floor down
  • From breast cancer screening to coardiologists – just one room along
  • From breast ultrasound to internist – on the same floor
  • From fertility advice to acupuncture – one floor down
  • Everything under the one roof – and additional appointments on short notice with other doctors can usually be arranged with little or no waiting time

Frauenarztpraxis Empfang
The reception area – this is where we welcome you