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Contraception that suits me

Contraception is the basis for healthy female sexuality if the woman has not yet reached or has already passed the stage of wanting to have children. Each young lady or woman is their own individual and so follows their requirement for contraception. If you would like to find the right method of contraception for your life planning, we are glad to advise you during an in-depth consultation.

Family planning with contraception

Decision criteria for a method of contraception include, in addition to your own personal safety needs, future family planning, personal health requirements and also cultural factors. Your conversation with us will help you to weigh up the pros and cons, so that you feel comfortable when it comes to making a decision about the method that is suitable for you.

What methods of contraception are available?

We give you detailed information on the effects of hormonal methods such as the pill, mini-pill, Implanon, vaginal ring and contraceptive patch. We take into account the potential side effects, which concern you personally, and we can arrange special medical check-ups if necessary to ensure your safety when it comes to application.

If you decide to go for a mechanical form of birth control (IUD, diaphragm, GyneFix), we have experience in their almost painless insertion and fitting.

If you decide against hormonal or mechanical methods and would prefer to learn more about natural family planning (NFP), we are happy to provide extensive and individual consultation.

Alongside simply discussing the various forms of birth control, protection against sexually-transmitted diseases is also an important topic. You should feel relaxed and secure in your sexuality.