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    Dr. med. Sibylle Kaßpohl

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    Dr. med. Sibylle Kaßpohl

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Gynaecological private practice
Dr. med. Sibylle Kaßpohl and colleagues

Are you looking for a gynaecologist who you can trust?

Welcome to our private practice. We take plenty of time for you and your concerns. You can reach us on 069 6199529-16

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Here we greet you – welcome to our practice!

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Gynaecologist for health matters from A to Z –
we are glad to assist you

We accompany women in every phase of their lives: from regular preventive health check-ups to career and family planning, from motherhood to menopause – we are there for you. We give advice on the central questions and concerns in the lives of women: fertility matters, sexuality, pregnancy, screening, contraception, consultation and training (e.g. self-examination of breasts). And of course we are always there for you in the event of illness or if you have any complaints. Our gynaecological private practice in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen provides a safe and secure environment for your femininity. Read about the types of concerns that women come to us with here …

Frauenärztin in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen

Dr. Sibylle Kaßpohl with a maternity log

wann sieht der frauenarzt das baby

Visiting the gynaecologist with your baby: “Good afternoon, doctor”

Feel secure with all of your concerns

We understand that a visit to the gynaecologist is not always high up on your wish list. So we are all the more pleased at how surprised the women who come to our practice are – surprised because of the high-quality health services that we provide on a human level: professional medical care, respectful, taking into account naturopathic approaches, too. Nowadays, the term holistic is often used to describe this. We provide all-round medical security. Welcome to our gynaecological private practice in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen.